Terms & Conditions:

Our Rental/Decor Set Up Agreement sets forth what items are being rented and when, while our Terms & Conditions sets forth the conditions that apply to the rental.  We want to have clear communication about our expectations for you and your expectations for us.  Have questions  . . . feel free to give us a call.

  1. Bullet  25% of the total rental payment is due in order to reserve the décor and/or your date for wedding set up and/ or coordination.   Another 25% of the total payment is due 6 months prior to the event date.  This deposit is not refundable.  The balance of the total payment owed to KERR Events & Design must be paid in full no less than 14 days to the specified start time of the rental period, at which time any and all payments are no longer refundable.  

  2. Bullet  The Rental/Decor Set Up Agreement is based on a one-time use rental fee and does not constitute the purchase of the itemized décor, unless otherwise specified.

  1. Bullet  Payment may be made by credit card (Visa, Master Card), Interac eTransfer money order, or certified check.   We will accept a personal check if it is received more than 14 days prior to the specified start time of the rental period.  A fee of $35.00 will be charged for all checks that are returned.  Payments or deposits made by credit card will be charged a 3% processing fee. 


  1. Bullet 14 days prior to your event date,  KERR Events & Design will send a Rental/Decor Set Up Agreement to you that will serve as your final invoice.  

  1. Bullet  With DYI set up, KERR Events & Design will deliver the décor that you have rented to you (or a specified contact person) at the date, time and place specified in the Rental/Decor Set Up Agreement.  You will be asked to inspect all of the décor upon its delivery.  Following a satisfactory inspection, you will accept the décor on an “as is” basis.

  1. Bullet  If there are any material damages or defects to the décor that you have rented, at the time of delivery & upon your inspection, you will immediately notify the representative of KERR Events & Design who has delivered the décor, so that he/she may make arrangements to replace the damaged or defective décor.   If KERR Events & Design is unable to replace the damaged décor prior to your event, after reasonable commercial efforts are made to do so, you will be entitled to a full refund for the décor that cannot be replaced and reasonable accommodations will be made to provide you with a décor  item that is a reasonably comparable substitute to that which you originally rented, free of charge.  If  KERR Events & Design is unable to locate such a substitute, a representative will promptly notify you ad request instructions as to alternative arrangements.

  1. Bullet  If there is damage to the décor while it is in your possession (after delivery and inspection are completed), and/or the décor becomes unsafe or in disrepair for whatever reason, you will immediately discontinue use of the décor  item.  You will take all steps necessary to prevent injuries to any person and all property from the rental décor. You will notify KERR Events & Design of the damage.  You will be charged the cost of replacing the décor at its current list price and may be charged the value of the estimated time it takes KERR Events & Design to find and receive the replacement décor if it is a specialty item.

  1. Bullet  You acknowledge that some of the décor rented to you may be fragile and you will act and care for the décor as any ordinary and reasonable person would. You also agree to assume full responsibility for all acts and/or omissions, negligence and/or willful, misconduct of guests or other persons at the event or assisting with the event in their handling of the décor and for any and all injuries that may result therefrom.

  1. Bullet  KERR Events & Design will retrieve the décor from you (or a specified contact person) at the date, time and place specified in the Rental Agreement. The décor that you rent will be returned to KERR Events & Design in as good of condition as when it was received by you or your contact person.  The décor will be returned free of any flowers, candle wax, liquids, gels, etc.   If any rental décor is missing, KERR Events & Design will first contact you about its return. You will be charged for any item not returned to KERR Events & Design and may be charged the value of the estimated time it takes KERR Events & Design to find and receive the replacement décor if it is a specialty item.   For items returned passed your agreed upon drop off time, you will be charged 15% per day of your total Rental Agreement

  1. Bullet  You must use the same containers and packaging for your return of the rental décor that were provided to you at the time of the delivery of the décor.  Please note that our items are packaged to insure maximum protection against breakage.  Kindly use the same care when packaging items for return.  A fee will be charged for broken items. 

  1. Bullet  You assume one hundred percent (100%) of the risk for you and the guests arising from the rental, use, operation, possession, transportation and handling of the décor during the terms of the rental period.

  1. Bullet  Data and information that you furnish to KERR Events & Design will be true and correct.  A copy of your driver’s license will be furnished to KERR Events & Design with the security deposit.  The security deposit will be completely refunded provided there are no damaged or missing décor items, in which case it will be withheld for the amount needed to repair or replace the damaged or missing décor (as specified above).  The security deposit will be collected five 14 days prior to the specified start time of the rental period. 

  1. Bullet  Theft of any décor may result in criminal prosecution.  You agree to pay any and all costs, including reasonable attorney fees, that KERR Events & Design may have to expend in order to collect the rental fee, to regain possession of the décor and/or to collect for damage done to the décor.


 An event is not considered to be booked until a minimum non-refundable initial payment of 25% is received by KERR Events & Design.